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Jerry Jones: The sky is not falling

The Cowboys lost for the third time in four games against the Raiders on Thursday, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Friday morning that he was taking Thanksgiving to

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Discovery of ‘sleepy’ dormant cells that resist chemotherapy paves way to new therapies

Scientists at UCL have discovered that some patients with a common type of childhood cancer do not respond to treatment because of a rare and previously unrecognized type of cancer

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Petrol, Diesel Price Drops Below Rs 100 in Many States After Tax Cut

Petrol and diesel price on Sunday, November 21 remained unchanged for almost 20 days, with the ongoing month seeing only three consecutive hikes. The prices of these auto fuels were

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YouTube reveals the most-viewed videos and top creators of 2021

With the end of the year approaching, YouTube has revealed the most-viewed videos that were uploaded in 2021. The platform also announced the top-trending creators, and it shouldn’t come as

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Deaf Football Team Goes 12-0 On Its Way to California State Championship

A varsity football team in California is impressing the state’s athletic world, as the limited 23-player roster has gone undefeated 12-0 though all 23 players and their coach are deaf.

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